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27 November, 2019 - 20:07

ze magninifico

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Hideout version: 1.1
Total decorations: 701
Uses MTX: No

Decoration name Buy from Count
Alva No master 1
Crafting Bench No master 1
Einhar No master 1
Guild Stash No master 1
Helena No master 1
Jun No master 1
Map Device No master 1
Navali No master 1
Niko No master 1
Sister Cassia No master 1
Stash No master 1
Waypoint No master 1
Zana No master 1
Crypt Rubble Alva, Master Explorer 4
Exposed Ruins Alva, Master Explorer 14
Slave Pens Barrel Alva, Master Explorer 1
Mosaic Wall Alva, Master Explorer 2
Large Boat Remains Alva, Master Explorer 2
Rubble Strip Alva, Master Explorer 21
Weathered Grave Alva, Master Explorer 45
Boat Wreckage Alva, Master Explorer 29
Ossuary Brazier Alva, Master Explorer 2
Pooling Blood Alva, Master Explorer 9
Sarn Palm Alva, Master Explorer 4
Wall of Spikes Alva, Master Explorer 14
Belly Ground Spikes Alva, Master Explorer 34
Church Wall Gate Alva, Master Explorer 1
Covered Corpses Alva, Master Explorer 3
Flesh Glob Alva, Master Explorer 7
Ruined Column Alva, Master Explorer 3
Vaal Mechanism Alva, Master Explorer 2
Vaal Square Altar Alva, Master Explorer 1
Fellshrine Ruins Alva, Master Explorer 2
Large Aqueduct Boat Alva, Master Explorer 1
Large Church Wall Arch Alva, Master Explorer 1
Mast Arch Alva, Master Explorer 1
Ruined Arch Alva, Master Explorer 9
Sarn Archway Alva, Master Explorer 1
Driftwood Branches Einhar, Beastmaster 5
Animal Cage Einhar, Beastmaster 3
Barrels Einhar, Beastmaster 2
Clump of Vines Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Shore Plank Debris Einhar, Beastmaster 6
Empty Crate Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Forest Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 6
Hitching Post Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Menagerie Fence Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Wooden Barricade Einhar, Beastmaster 21
Barnacles Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Dry Flax Einhar, Beastmaster 10
Kitava Horns Einhar, Beastmaster 14
Malachai's Dedication Einhar, Beastmaster 14
Coral Barnacles Einhar, Beastmaster 6
Desert Plants Einhar, Beastmaster 8
Pit Flags Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Pit Post Einhar, Beastmaster 2
Coral Cluster Einhar, Beastmaster 2
Kitava Head Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Lava Glow Einhar, Beastmaster 2
Rock Formation Einhar, Beastmaster 13
Sarn Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Coral Formation Einhar, Beastmaster 9
Sanctum Pillar Jun, Veiled Master 30
Sandy Grave Jun, Veiled Master 28
Oriath Ground Jun, Veiled Master 12
Bare Tree Jun, Veiled Master 6
Sand Pile Jun, Veiled Master 6
Syndicate Flag Jun, Veiled Master 1
Tree Roots Jun, Veiled Master 2
Blacksmith's Barrel Jun, Veiled Master 1
Snowy Rock Jun, Veiled Master 1
Triumph Fountain Jun, Veiled Master 1
Syndicate Fortification Jun, Veiled Master 3
Artefact Cage Jun, Veiled Master 2
Crumbled Boxes Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Iron Candelabra Niko, Master of the Depths 2
Damaged Barrels Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Den Large Stalagmites Niko, Master of the Depths 4
Iron Lantern Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Azurite Chunk Niko, Master of the Depths 2
Crumbled Barricade Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Market Pillar Niko, Master of the Depths 4
Damaged Shelves Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Azurite Vein Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Functional Stall Niko, Master of the Depths 2
Snow Drift Zana, Master Cartographer 14
Oriath Army Barrel Zana, Master Cartographer 2
Oriath Lantern Zana, Master Cartographer 4
Oriath Supplies Zana, Master Cartographer 3
Summoning Circle Zana, Master Cartographer 2
Templar Corpse Zana, Master Cartographer 5
Broken Pole Zana, Master Cartographer 1
Burned Rug Zana, Master Cartographer 12
Cathedral Tiles Zana, Master Cartographer 22
Burned Bookcase Zana, Master Cartographer 12
Court Bookcase Zana, Master Cartographer 7
Oriath Rubble Zana, Master Cartographer 10
Portal Parts Zana, Master Cartographer 4
Sand Tracks Zana, Master Cartographer 109
Cave Treasure Zana, Master Cartographer 6
Frozen Tree Zana, Master Cartographer 5
Oriath Scaffolding Zana, Master Cartographer 4
Oriath Statue Zana, Master Cartographer 1
Sky Shrine Door Zana, Master Cartographer 3
Sky Shrine Wall Zana, Master Cartographer 5
Latest version: 1.1

Version number MTX Publish date Total favor Total decorations Downloads Link
1.1 No 2019-11-27 15:48:51 3,745,170 701 447 Download

1.1 | 27 Nov 2019 - 15:48

changed reef side