Idgarad Compact Mapper

Simple high efficeny hideout I use when mapping. 3.19 Edition.


Area is in 5 sections.


Entrance which has the required items, Stash, Guildstash, crafting and league specific containers with key NPCs muddling about. Helena has volunteered to be the barkeep.


The second area behind the entrance is the Trophy Room.


The third area to the right of the trophy room is seal (you have to leap slam or teleport in some fashion. That is the Pet Cemetary. I have graves for each pet I had in RL: (Stan, Sasha, Walt, Jula, Asland, Merlin, Molly, Erin, Cloudy, and Mandy) as well as friends that passed. I stash in game pets in there I don't want wandering about.


The Fourth Area is the Apartment which is basic living quarters.


The fith is the map portal.


I normally have a ton of decorations I add each league but I keep this as a base. Normally each league I decorate around the map portal and put crap on the tables and edges, I just left that off so we can decorate to taste and have a base template.


21 September, 2022 - 22:14

Key NPCs missing from first Area: Einhar, Niko (memories)

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Hideout version: 3.19.1
Total decorations: 398
Uses MTX: Yes

Decoration name MTX Count
Bestiary Challenger Trophy Yes 1
Betrayal Challenger Trophy Yes 1
Blight Challenger Trophy Yes 1
Corsair Building Supplies Yes 1
Delve Challenger Trophy Yes 1
Harbinger Challenger Trophy Yes 1
Incursion Challenger Trophy Yes 1
Legacy Challenger Trophy Yes 1
Legion Challenger Trophy Yes 1
Metamorph Challenger Trophy Yes 1
Oriath Fence Yes 1
Prophecy Challenger Trophy Yes 1
Ritual Challenger Trophy Yes 1
Scourge Challenger Trophy Yes 1
Synthesis Challenger Trophy Yes 1
White Statue Yes 1
Wide Light Beam Yes 1
Alva No 1
Crafting Bench No 1
Dannig, Warrior Skald No 1
Einhar No 1
Guild Stash No 1
Gwennen, the Gambler No 1
Helena No 1
Horticrafting Station No 1
Jun No 1
Kirac No 1
Map Device No 1
Memory Stabilizer No 2
Navali No 1
Niko No 1
Rog, the Dealer No 1
Seed Stockpile No 1
Sister Cassia No 1
Stash No 1
Synthesis Light Beam No 2
Synthesis Medallion No 1
Synthesiser No 1
Tane Octavius No 1
Tujen, the Haggler No 1
Waypoint No 1
Zana No 1
Expedition Locker No 1
Heist Locker No 1
Vaal Fire Pit No 1
Crypt Fire Pit No 3
Ruined Mat No 1
Ruined Standing Lamp No 2
Slave Pens Bunk Bed No 3
Tombstone No 3
Vaal Curtain No 2
Decrepit Fence No 1
Sarcophagus No 2
Vaal Large Altar No 1
Weathered Grave No 3
Catacomb Pillar No 36
Ossuary Brazier No 2
Ossuary Grave Marker No 6
Tomb No 6
Winged Statue No 1
Menagerie Bucket No 1
Wooden Plate No 1
Fish Stand No 1
Grass Patch No 2
Meat Baskets No 1
Tree No 1
Kitava Horns No 2
Shore Bonfire No 1
Spiral Stone No 2
The Last to Die No 1
Wagon No 1
Kaom Rock No 4
Kitava Head No 1
Lava Fountain No 1
Coral Formation No 1
Stone Arch No 1
Maple Tree No 2
Primeval Tree Planter No 1
Shrine Table No 1
Syndicate Desk No 1
Toxic Fungus No 1
Lotus Bench No 1
Maraketh Rug No 2
Planter Box No 1
Primeval Table No 38
Rising Smoke No 1
Syndicate Drawers No 1
Bamboo Floor No 20
Blue Light Beam No 1
Primeval Throne No 1
Primeval Trough No 16
Raging Fire No 1
Beast Trophy No 1
Maraketh Brazier No 1
Ornate Bar No 1
Primeval Shrine No 1
Primeval Stand No 2
Syndicate Armour Rack No 1
Blacksmith's Rack No 1
Lilly Roth No 1
Lotus Terrace Stand No 1
Oyun's Throne No 1
Primeval Way Marker No 2
Weapon Display Table No 3
Geomancer's Bench No 1
Primeval Bench No 2
Assassin's Daggers No 1
Sewer Moss No 3
Sewer Pipes No 2
Dirt Ground No 4
Iron Candelabra No 1
Axiom Pillar No 11
Azurite Chunk No 1
Labyrinth Plaque No 1
Sulphite Light No 7
Thaumaturgy Pillar No 2
Wooden Workbench No 2
Ornate Relic Stand No 1
Iron Stove No 2
Map Board No 1
Ornate Vase No 1
Prison Rostrum No 1
Relic Stand No 1
Small Relic Table No 2
Statue of the Sisters No 1
Tools Board No 1
Voll's Confession No 1
Azurite Vein No 3
Highgate Column No 1
Relic Table No 37
Ornate Basin No 1
Temple Stool No 1
Candelabrum No 4
Oriathan Books No 1
Templar Courts Ground No 2
Temple Chair No 1
Void Ground No 2
Wood Ground No 2
Courthouse Bench No 1
Courthouse Side Table No 1
Innocence Altar No 1
Oriath Army Barrel No 1
Oriath Supply Crate No 2
Temple Mat No 1
Wicker Basket No 1
Gilded Cradle No 1
Innocence Shrine No 3
Oriath Armour Crate No 1
Oriath Supplies No 1
Summoning Circle No 1
Dining Chair No 4
Labyrinth Rosette No 1
Oriath Brazier No 2
Door Frame No 1
Flower Pot No 3
Gilded Book Shelf No 1
Innocence Tomb No 1
Arena Flowers No 1
Comfy Chair No 1
Dining Table No 1
Dominus Portrait No 1
Lordly Chair No 1
Maven's Astrolabe No 1
Pohutukawa Tree No 1
Sky Shrine Door No 3
Latest version: 3.19.1

Version number MTX Publish date Total favor Total decorations Downloads Link
3.19.1 Yes 2022-09-21 16:00:40 2,308,132 398 118 Download

3.19.1 | 21 Sep 2022 - 16:00

Initial release

Simple Compact Modular