Super cheap pratical hideout

This hideout wasnt ment to be the most ground breaking hideout but a budget alternative to some of the larger costing ones.

With the bulk of the cost being from water fog, rock formations and large rocks which all got a huge reduction in price its less than 3mil favour.


28 January, 2019 - 12:00

I really love the combination of tombstones, cracks and cande lights you used below your waypoint & map device. Looks gorgeous, pretty sure I'm going to use that detail in a future hideout. Well done!

01 April, 2019 - 22:22

great hideout but what is "travel wagon" from Niko part of the decoration list? it costs 150k and i just bought it, when i imported the file again to place it, it turns out the item is just buried in some rocks and cant even be seen?

03 April, 2019 - 12:28

its to block out light, its one of the few good decos thats actually off center so you can put it in places not normally reachable

07 April, 2019 - 09:25

when i enter the hideout, i end up on the top level, unable to enter the main area.

07 April, 2019 - 10:18

Please disregard my previous comment.  I figured out that it was an issue with importing.  The hideout looks great.  Love the compactness and practicality of the hideout.  The atmosphere is great too.  And it helps that its cheap!

18 April, 2019 - 20:02

Very nice HO, xoivi.  Pretty small and tidy/clean.  I would like more of this kind of HO from you! Cheers

20 May, 2019 - 00:27

Loving this hideout, very well done! :>

25 August, 2019 - 08:40

the only nitpick thing I have with this hideout is that the normal Stash (not the guild stash) is flipped 180*.

other than that, amazing hideout Xolvi :)

16 October, 2019 - 01:40

Nice and simple hideout. Also quite cheap and does not require all level 7 masters.

01 December, 2019 - 23:51

Is anyone else running into this problem?  When I leave PoE and come back (or re-enter as a different character), all the hideout settings are gone.  The masters and everything are back to their original placements, I have to reimport the hideout file.  After importing I move the waypoint around a little, which some people elsewhere have said might fix the bug.  It seems to be the worst with these "mini" hideouts that block off 75% of the actual hideout (Primeval Ruins one does the same thing).  Thoughts on how to permanently fix this?  I know there is a bug with hideouts right now.

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Hideout version: 1.0
Total decorations: 241
Uses MTX: No

Decoration name MTX Count
Alva No 1
Crafting Bench No 1
Einhar No 1
Guild Stash No 1
Helena No 1
Jun No 1
Map Device No 1
Navali No 1
Niko No 1
Stash No 1
Waypoint No 1
Zana No 1
Crypt Tomb No 41
Large Rocks No 41
Vaal Block No 5
Ryslatha Tree No 3
Flax Plant No 9
Burned Tree No 1
Dry Flax No 11
Rock Formation No 14
Iron Candelabra No 1
Axiom Pillar No 40
Travel Wagon No 1
Water Fog No 7
Innocence Candle No 46
Sand Tracks No 9
Latest version: 1.0

Version number MTX Publish date Total favor Total decorations Downloads Link
1.0 No 2019-01-25 08:32:09 763,050 241 14201 Download

1.0 | 25 Jan 2019 - 08:32

Initial release