Primeval Outpost, Celestial Hideout

These MTX are not placed in the uploaded file, but if you own them they're easy to put in.

2 Madcap Building Supplies

1 Madcap Spores

1 Mystic Glowworms


25 August, 2019 - 17:04

Hi. Thank you for the awesome HO.

I just imported it and everything is perfect except for the map device.

It remained the same and I can't find the one in your screenshot above.

Can you let me know how can I apply that?

Thank you.

17 October, 2019 - 03:43

Hey, great hideout.

What's that weapon skin you using in the video?

15 October, 2020 - 12:15

i really liked how columns are aligned

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Hideout version: 1.OwO
Total decorations: 757
Uses MTX: No

Decoration name Buy from Count
Alva No master 1
Crafting Bench No master 1
Einhar No master 1
Guild Stash No master 1
Helena No master 1
Jun No master 1
Map Device No master 1
Navali No master 1
Niko No master 1
Stash No master 1
Waypoint No master 1
Zana No master 1
Thick Trees Alva, Master Explorer 21
Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 29
Bush Einhar, Beastmaster 2
Primeval Debris Jun, Veiled Master 10
Primeval Rubble Jun, Veiled Master 126
Primeval Tree Planter Jun, Veiled Master 4
Oriath Ground Jun, Veiled Master 50
Primeval Vase Jun, Veiled Master 4
Primeval Floor Crystal Jun, Veiled Master 22
Primeval Tablet Jun, Veiled Master 1
Primeval Throne Jun, Veiled Master 1
Primeval Marker Jun, Veiled Master 1
Primeval Planter Jun, Veiled Master 4
Primeval Shrine Jun, Veiled Master 2
Primeval Column Arc Jun, Veiled Master 4
Primeval Column Jun, Veiled Master 457
Primeval Pillar Jun, Veiled Master 1
Water Fog Niko, Master of the Depths 6
Latest version: 1.OwO

Version number MTX Publish date Total favor Total decorations Downloads Link
1.OwO No 2019-07-01 23:33:15 2,487,410 757 5180 Download

1.OwO | 01 Jul 2019 - 23:33

Initial release