Library of Bandus Phrecia

"My visit to the capital was exemplary. I was promised by the General Thalaman that I would soon have a seat at the table and our deal seems to be all but certain. We visited the royal gardens and palace. It was certainly a sight to behold. The only place that gave me pause was the Library of Bandus. I knew that he was eccentric even compared to his family, but the Library left me with unease. For the first time my faith felt questioned and the power that we have seemed....hallow...borrowed. I felt as though I could hear my heart beat the entire time I was there, but could not feel my pulse. It was as though the ground itself was thumping, fearful of the secrets this place held in store." - Diary of a forgotten nobleman

This is a larger hideout with a Library/Museum/Steampunk theme to it. Most of the things necessary for quick gameplay are close or close-ish. I hope you enjoy. 


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Hideout version: 1.0
Total decorations: 372
Uses MTX: No

Decoration name MTX Count
Alva No 1
Crafting Bench No 1
Dannig, Warrior Skald No 1
Einhar No 1
Guild Stash No 1
Gwennen, the Gambler No 1
Helena No 1
Jun No 1
Kirac No 1
Map Device No 1
Memory Stabilizer No 1
Navali No 1
Niko No 1
Rog, the Dealer No 1
Sister Cassia No 1
Stash No 1
Synthesis Medallion No 1
Tane Octavius No 1
Tujen, the Haggler No 1
Waypoint No 1
Zana No 1
Slave Pens Barrel No 3
Ruined Table No 1
Vaal Scattered Papers No 1
Buckets No 1
Menagerie Bucket No 4
Pot Line No 1
The Last to Die No 1
Whale Skeleton Head No 1
Syndicate Cabinet No 1
Syndicate Desk No 1
Rising Smoke No 1
Sword Display Case No 3
Syndicate Armour Rack No 5
Lilly Roth No 1
Weapon Display Table No 1
Classical Painting No 1
Theurgic Precipitate Machine No 1
Iron Lantern No 13
Pipe Kit No 26
Scattered Books No 5
Laboratory Flask No 2
Laboratory Table No 1
Library Book Pile No 20
Library Bust No 2
Steam Pipes No 3
Thaumaturgy Pillar No 15
Water Pipe No 3
Wooden Workbench No 1
Laboratory Alembic No 1
Laboratory Apparatus No 1
Laboratory Pipe No 7
Laboratory Vats No 30
Laboratory Work Bench No 1
Power Cable No 3
Reliquary Pillar No 1
Skull Display No 1
Steam Hydrant No 15
Floor Pipes No 42
Generator No 3
Iron Stove No 1
Laboratory Flask Tower No 1
Laboratory Shelf No 2
Looted Stand No 1
Relic Case No 6
Relic Stand No 1
Scattered Papers No 2
Skeleton Display No 5
Small Relic Display No 16
Small Relic Table No 1
Wall Machinery No 4
Large Relic Display No 1
Metamorph Tank No 1
Relic Display No 4
Relic Table No 1
Tower Apparatus No 3
Tower Pod No 3
Book Pile No 1
Blocking Volume No 19
Bronze Piping No 2
Oriathan Books No 4
Void Ground No 9
Courthouse Armchair No 2
Courthouse Bench No 1
Courthouse Side Table No 1
Extraction Device No 2
Coffee Table No 1
Wooden Bucket No 1
Courthouse Desk No 1
Courthouse Table No 1
Golden Bars No 4
Kitchen Cabinet No 2
Lounge Chair No 1
Reading Desk No 2
Writing Desk No 4
Court Bookcase No 1
Jury Stand No 1
Portal Parts No 2
Triclinium No 1
Bird Cage No 1
Dining Table No 2
Image of Catarina No 1
Image of Elreon No 1
Image of Haku No 1
Image of Leo No 1
Image of Tora No 1
Image of Vagan No 1
Image of Vorici No 1
Side Table No 1
Latest version: 1.0

Version number MTX Publish date Total favor Total decorations Downloads Link
1.0 No 2023-02-26 22:13:00 2,863,340 372 21 Download

1.0 | 26 Feb 2023 - 22:13

Initial release