Sanguine Time Share

Lots of trees and rocks with beaten paths. Has a tropical forst feel to it.


12 May, 2019 - 07:09

Finally a Sanguine Hideout and it looks awesome! Thanks man! Appreciate the time and effort!

04 July, 2019 - 20:07

A lot of flickering lights. Thanks to the innocence candles. Very unfortunate

19 July, 2019 - 14:20

Don't know if it's only on my end but i'm not spawning on the waypoint, i'm spawning in the middle of the hideout. Otherwise it's a great hideout!

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Hideout version: 1.0.0
Total decorations: 763
Uses MTX: Yes

Decoration name Buy from Count
Falling Leaves MTX 3
Fireplace MTX 1
Huntsman Spores MTX 1
Huntsman Tree MTX 2
Innocence Cathedral MTX 4
Madcap Building Supplies MTX 2
Madcap Spores MTX 1
Madcap Tree MTX 3
Verdant Throne MTX 1
Wide Light Beam MTX 3
Alva No master 1
Crafting Bench No master 1
Einhar No master 1
Guild Stash No master 1
Helena No master 1
Jun No master 1
Map Device No master 1
Navali No master 1
Niko No master 1
Stash No master 1
Waypoint No master 1
Zana No master 1
Torch Alva, Master Explorer 2
Crypt Rubble Alva, Master Explorer 135
Stone Well Alva, Master Explorer 1
Decrepit Fence Alva, Master Explorer 1
Decorated Tree Alva, Master Explorer 2
Large Rocks Alva, Master Explorer 1
Swamp Tree Alva, Master Explorer 2
Wall of Spikes Alva, Master Explorer 1
Slave Pens Rug Alva, Master Explorer 1
Thick Trees Alva, Master Explorer 2
Decorated Trees Alva, Master Explorer 3
Clay Pot Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Forest Rock Einhar, Beastmaster 4
Menagerie Rope Fence Einhar, Beastmaster 10
Animal Cage Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Building Supplies Einhar, Beastmaster 36
Menagerie Bucket Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Menagerie Feeding Trough Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Camp Rug Einhar, Beastmaster 7
Flax Plant Einhar, Beastmaster 4
Lookout's Booth Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Lush Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 4
Menagerie Fence Einhar, Beastmaster 3
Pot Line Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 41
Wooden Barricade Einhar, Beastmaster 4
Agave Plant Einhar, Beastmaster 15
Aloe Plant Einhar, Beastmaster 9
Burned Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 9
Depressed Exile Einhar, Beastmaster 3
Dry Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 9
Macrotaen Plant Einhar, Beastmaster 8
Palm Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Shore Bonfire Einhar, Beastmaster 6
Wounded Exile Einhar, Beastmaster 3
Bandit Tent Einhar, Beastmaster 2
Desert Plants Einhar, Beastmaster 6
Garden Palm Einhar, Beastmaster 5
Menagerie Cage Fence Einhar, Beastmaster 4
Raphina Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 6
Thicket Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Barricade Einhar, Beastmaster 3
Bulb Palm Einhar, Beastmaster 5
Kaom Rock Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Lush Palm Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Blown Leaves Einhar, Beastmaster 2
Large Tent Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Palm Group Einhar, Beastmaster 6
Ravenal Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 4
Bamboo Divider Jun, Veiled Master 1
Planter Box Jun, Veiled Master 1
Bare Tree Jun, Veiled Master 5
Blue Light Beam Jun, Veiled Master 1
Beast Trophy Jun, Veiled Master 1
Oriath Doorway Jun, Veiled Master 1
Thick Smoke Jun, Veiled Master 1
Den Large Rock Niko, Master of the Depths 25
Den Small Rock Niko, Master of the Depths 14
Mushroom Cluster Niko, Master of the Depths 21
Sewer Moss Niko, Master of the Depths 6
Iron Lantern Niko, Master of the Depths 3
Mine Rock Niko, Master of the Depths 2
Axiom Pillar Niko, Master of the Depths 6
Prison Cage Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Map Board Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Relic Crate Niko, Master of the Depths 2
Scattered Papers Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Stall Counter Niko, Master of the Depths 4
Surgical Debris Niko, Master of the Depths 3
Tools Board Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Elaborate Stall Niko, Master of the Depths 2
Shrouded Furniture Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Water Fog Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Innocence Candle Zana, Master Cartographer 59
Ornate Basin Zana, Master Cartographer 9
Wooden Planks Zana, Master Cartographer 83
Courthouse Armchair Zana, Master Cartographer 2
Oriath Lantern Zana, Master Cartographer 9
Arena Petals Zana, Master Cartographer 33
Lantern Post Zana, Master Cartographer 1
Oriath Armour Crate Zana, Master Cartographer 4
Wooden Bucket Zana, Master Cartographer 1
Labyrinth Rosette Zana, Master Cartographer 4
Writing Desk Zana, Master Cartographer 1
Flower Pot Zana, Master Cartographer 4
Hanging Lamp Zana, Master Cartographer 16
Cave Treasure Zana, Master Cartographer 6
Columns Zana, Master Cartographer 4
Comfy Chair Zana, Master Cartographer 1
Dominus Portrait Zana, Master Cartographer 2
Justice Statue Zana, Master Cartographer 1
Sky Shrine Wall Zana, Master Cartographer 3
Verdant Tree Zana, Master Cartographer 1
Latest version: 1.0.0

Version number MTX Publish date Total favor Total decorations Downloads Link
1.0.0 Yes 2019-05-03 00:58:49 1,991,310 763 523 Download

1.0.0 | 03 May 2019 - 00:58

Initial release