Monument of the Sisters

So the idea that I had when I was making the hideout was that I wanted people to kinda get hit with a "woah" feeling right at the waypoint. So the idea was to try and focus on creating depth at the entrance and also have highly contrasting coclors, so I went with the theme of solaris/orange and lunaris/blue and started working with it at the entrance. After leaving the main area I tried to create something that could compliment the entrance but its hard to create that same sense of depth once  you start walking i tried to put a focus on the map device with a backdrop of the sisters but i think i need to change something somehow.. its difficult to see thatll be something im gonna work on. either way i set the map device close to the entrance so that when people entered they would see the front most of your portals.

If/when I make updates to the hideout I'll upload them.. i still kinda want to change the map device room around some but we'll see. Also I added a non mtx version..enjoy :D


16 September, 2022 - 10:15

this is really nice work thank you so much but i did change something because i don't have MTX

16 September, 2022 - 10:21

i didnt even know i could upload hideouts for people xD i just made it for myself using what i had.. glad ya like it :D change it all ya want <3 ss

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Hideout version: 1.0.3b
Total decorations: 475
Uses MTX: No

Decoration name MTX Count
Alva No 1
Crafting Bench No 1
Dannig, Warrior Skald No 1
Einhar No 1
Guild Stash No 1
Gwennen, the Gambler No 1
Helena No 1
Horticrafting Station No 1
Jun No 1
Kirac No 1
Map Device No 1
Niko No 1
Rog, the Dealer No 1
Sister Cassia No 1
Stained-Glass Window No 6
Stash No 1
Tane Octavius No 1
Tujen, the Haggler No 1
Mosaic Wall No 6
Vaal Figurine No 2
Vaal Reading Table No 1
Large Rocks No 21
Arakaali Egg No 1
Shore Rocks No 84
Beach Coral No 13
Coral Grass No 12
Fern No 1
Reef Coral No 7
Barnacles No 3
Bush No 3
Poppy Plant No 2
Red Grass No 11
The Last to Die No 1
Coral Cluster No 2
Rock Formation No 5
Coral Formation No 2
Maple Tree No 1
Bamboo Divider No 1
Lotus Bench No 1
Maraketh Rug No 1
Oriath Ground No 13
Primeval Floor Mural No 1
Blue Light Beam No 1
Oriath Curb No 5
Pool Kit No 29
Thick Smoke No 3
Lilly Roth No 1
Syndicate Shield Stand No 1
Mushroom Cluster No 1
Azurite Chunk No 29
Small Relic Display No 1
Statue of the Sisters No 1
Volcanic Rock No 4
Abyssal Ritual Circle No 1
Azurite Vein No 9
Highgate Column No 4
Relic Display No 2
Innocence Candle No 6
Blocking Volume No 1
Candelabrum No 2
Innocence Candle Row No 1
Bridge Debris No 8
Bathhouse Rug No 1
Cathedral Tiles No 123
Classical Wall Decoration No 1
Hanging Lamp No 4
Temple Pillar No 5
Columns No 2
Innocence Statue No 1
Sanctum Statue No 2
Sky Shrine Mosaic No 6
Verdant Tree No 1
Latest version: 1.0.3b

Version number MTX Publish date Total favor Total decorations Downloads Link
1.0.3b No 2022-09-21 11:46:04 1,759,410 475 136 Download
1.0.2 Yes 2022-09-16 11:15:54 1,709,650 480 114 Download

1.0.3b | 21 Sep 2022 - 11:46

its just a no mtx version of the ho <3 lates

1.0.2 | 16 Sep 2022 - 11:15

rotated the white pillar on the right so it'd be lined up properly