Dracula Awakens

The disciples of Dracula wish to wake him up by practicing various rituals with blood.

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3.12.0 with MTX

My Hideout creations: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2491005


24 November, 2020 - 21:56

Keld here (I came in fourth in the competition).  I liked yours better than DerroK's, although all three of you in the top three had phenomenal stuff.  Not shocking as you guys are the veterans and "hall of famers". Really liked it.

25 November, 2020 - 03:04

Thanks Keld, congrats also! I don't pretend to be a veterans but I'm glad to be on the top , now i have the pressure for next time! ^^

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Hideout version: 3.12.1
Total decorations: 761
Uses MTX: No

Decoration name Buy from Count
Alva No master 1
Crafting Bench No master 1
Einhar No master 1
Guild Stash No master 1
Helena No master 1
Jun No master 1
Kirac No master 1
Map Device No master 1
Navali No master 1
Niko No master 1
Sister Cassia No master 1
Stash No master 1
Tane Octavius No master 1
Waypoint No master 1
Zana No master 1
Blood Plane Alva, Master Explorer 6
Tombstone Alva, Master Explorer 4
Vaal Figurine Alva, Master Explorer 2
Crypt Tomb Alva, Master Explorer 94
Hungry Exile Alva, Master Explorer 1
Sarcophagus Alva, Master Explorer 55
Skull Pile Alva, Master Explorer 5
Crypt Pillar Alva, Master Explorer 26
Disembodied Corpse Alva, Master Explorer 3
Emaciated Corpse Alva, Master Explorer 13
Large Rocks Alva, Master Explorer 7
Ossuary Brazier Alva, Master Explorer 1
Ossuary Grave Alva, Master Explorer 8
Ossuary Pillar Alva, Master Explorer 42
Pooling Blood Alva, Master Explorer 15
Stone Archway Alva, Master Explorer 12
Vaal Block Alva, Master Explorer 12
Belly Ground Spikes Alva, Master Explorer 2
Flesh Glob Alva, Master Explorer 2
Ruined Banner Alva, Master Explorer 4
Beast Eyestalk Alva, Master Explorer 2
Blood Fog (Red) Alva, Master Explorer 5
Bone Display Alva, Master Explorer 1
Corrupted Specks Alva, Master Explorer 1
Large Church Wall Arch Alva, Master Explorer 1
Metal Beam Einhar, Beastmaster 56
Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Dry Tree Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Garden Path Einhar, Beastmaster 5
Impaled Corpse Einhar, Beastmaster 4
Hung Corpse Einhar, Beastmaster 8
Pit Post Einhar, Beastmaster 6
Weathered Crane Einhar, Beastmaster 2
Fortification Door Einhar, Beastmaster 1
Kitava Banner Einhar, Beastmaster 6
Rusty Crane Einhar, Beastmaster 24
Abandoned Crane Einhar, Beastmaster 8
Weathered Skull Display Einhar, Beastmaster 32
Sanctum Pillar Jun, Veiled Master 13
Primeval Table Jun, Veiled Master 2
Tile Ground Jun, Veiled Master 1
Bare Tree Jun, Veiled Master 6
Oriath Curb Jun, Veiled Master 18
Oriath Doorway Jun, Veiled Master 1
Primeval Bench Jun, Veiled Master 2
Iron Candelabra Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Bastinado Niko, Master of the Depths 2
Iron Lantern Niko, Master of the Depths 17
Pipe Kit Niko, Master of the Depths 2
Stone Hitching Post Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Axiom Pillar Niko, Master of the Depths 90
Hanging Brazier Niko, Master of the Depths 4
Laboratory Apparatus Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Laboratory Pipe Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Laboratory Tank Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Laboratory Vats Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Ornate Fence Niko, Master of the Depths 4
Ruined Fence Niko, Master of the Depths 2
Skull Display Niko, Master of the Depths 2
Maraketh Lantern Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Relic Stand Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Metamorph Tank Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Pedestal Cage Niko, Master of the Depths 10
Shrouded Furniture Niko, Master of the Depths 1
Water Fog Niko, Master of the Depths 3
Templar Experiment Table Zana, Master Cartographer 4
Blocking Volume Zana, Master Cartographer 17
Oriath Weapons Crate Zana, Master Cartographer 6
Wood Ground Zana, Master Cartographer 9
Innocence Candelabra Zana, Master Cartographer 9
Oriath Lantern Zana, Master Cartographer 1
Dead Slave Zana, Master Cartographer 1
Templar Corpse Zana, Master Cartographer 3
Temple Arch Zana, Master Cartographer 2
Court Bookcase Zana, Master Cartographer 2
Temple Pillar Zana, Master Cartographer 16
Dominus Portrait Zana, Master Cartographer 1
Pohutukawa Tree Zana, Master Cartographer 8
Latest version: 3.12.1

Version number MTX Publish date Total favor Total decorations Downloads Link
3.12.1 No 2020-11-24 17:22:22 4,037,490 761 1801 Download
3.12.0 Yes 2020-11-24 17:21:29 4,037,490 764 113 Download

3.12.1 | 24 Nov 2020 - 17:22


3.12.0 | 24 Nov 2020 - 17:21

Initial release